In tribute to Pepa Borrego, whose hands and imagination have left nearly 400 costumes along these 50 years we commemorate .

Pepa Borrego born in the post- war and early age displayed great talent for design and sewing, being very wide where his work reaches its peak certainly in performing traditional costumes Ronda Goya .

Since making the first back in 1961 have grown into their core business.

Each year the public looks forward to your designs.

That singular artist Ronda has been the creator of most of these spectacular costumes each year look at the Bullfight Goya and you could say it's almost the inventor ( at least as currently known ) .

Their models have inspired a large international designers creating their own school designs that are immortalized in thousands of photos that have been around the world.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his first suit he wanted to pay tribute to this artist with an exhibition showing the evolution that have had their suits over 5 decades , as they are all unique completely different including unique models and , although that if everyone keeps their label, ie harmony, combination of colors, stylized female figure and the baroque to provide all materials are added to his creations : trimmings, embroidery lace, etc. .